The Right Combination of Design, Development and Science

The TRIPP founding team has a long history of working together across several successful companies specializing in video games (console/mobile/PC/VR), community services, mobile messaging/communication applications, eCommerce and now transformative immersive technology products.

Tripp Team (in order of appearance)

Nanea Reeves

CEO & Co-Founder

Zachary Norman

President & Co-Founder

Peter Kennedy

Technical Program Manager

Adrian Ludley

Art Manager

Justin Boreta

Creative Director

Mani Srinivasan

SVP & Head of Business Development

Matthew Davis

Producer of Sound and Music Experience

Hyosung Han

Chief Architect, SVP of Engineering

Patrick Abiney

Software Engineer

Chola TheDog

Director of Emotional Support

Tim Chang

Board Member

Mark Stevens

Fenwick & West LLP