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This Startup Is Using VR For Mood-Changing Experiences


by Steven Wong @steven_plays

  • Tripp is a startup platform that aims to change people’s moods, headed by gaming industry veteran Nanea Reeves.
  • Tripp’s launch product is a VR experience that combines visuals, audio and gameplay elements to relax users or it can get them ready workouts.
  • The Tripp experience debuts in 2018 through pop-up lounges before officially launching in the spring.
  • Tripp received $4 million in Series A funding from venture capitalist firm Mayfield.
  • With the data it collects about VR’s emotional impacts, Tripp could expand beyond the gaming and VR market into a service.

There are plenty of games and media platforms that hope to make audiences feel different emotions, but new start-up company Tripp is using VR to take the concept to a whole new level.

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