Max Glascott

Max grew up in Chicago around visual arts, both traditional and contemporary. With over 15 years of experience in various facets of production, post-production, interactive, performance, arts and installation, Max feels quite at home as a 3D artist in virtual worlds.

In Chicago, he started in post production as an assistant editor at the venerable Optimus. While learning the ropes in the days of film to tape, he found a calling for motion graphics and design. After transitioning to freelance work, his creative output pushed him into the interactive realm at M1 Interactive working on small to massive scale installations for trade shows, museums, live performances and brand activations. This broke open the world of 3D design and development. In 2016 he moved to New York and after an exciting jaunt through various studios as a freelance 3D artist, he and his wife moved to LA to set up shop around the gaming industry.

One of his core passions since he was a boy has been music. In addition to engineering and producing other artists and collaborators, he writes and produces as a solo artist and has released music under several collaborations all the way from duo, to small band, into being an integral member of full ensemble orchestras. He has been DJing and performing since he was a teenager and has actively worked to combine his work as a visual artist with his passion for music and performance. His work at TRIPP is employed in the almost all too perfect amalgam of all his passions and skillsets combined.