1. Mani Srinivasan joins TRIPP’s leadership team, driving business development initiatives

    It’s been a busy and exciting year for us here at TRIPP! This time last year we announced $4 million in funding led by Tim Chang, partner at Mayfield, and we dove straight into creating transformative self-care and wellness experiences that are digitally delivered, with our first offering in VR. We then welcomed Justin Boreta…

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  2. Justin Boreta of The Glitch Mob Joins TRIPP as Creative Director

    When I first met Justin Boreta, I felt like I found a kindred spirit. Through an introduction by TRIPP board member Tim Chang, I discovered that Justin is an extremely talented musician and someone who incorporates mindfulness into his everyday life. His work with The Glitch Mob is renowned, but he has also developed a…

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  3. TRIPP Announces a $4MM Series A Investment Led by Mayfield

    Today we’re excited to announce a $4MM Series A round investment led by Tim Chang, partner at Mayfield. Tim is a proven investor & champion of VR, who has partnered with the founders of ngMoco (acquired be DeNA), Playdom (acquired by Disney), Basis (acquired by Intel), and Moat (acquired by Oracle). This will allow our…

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  4. The Intersection of Neuroscience, Healthcare and Mental Health

    TRIPP is excited to be a part of the community focused on the emerging use of technology in the areas of neuroscience, healthcare and mental health, especially when combined with new ways to understand and enhance awareness, mindfulness and consciousness. While we are currently working with different labs and industry experts on our own research…

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